Meet our Travel Experts

Martin Thompsen
I've been fortunate to see some of the most beautiful destinations on Earth and I'd be happy to help you have an opportunity to visit them as well.
Amy Logan
One summer, my husband and I bought tickets to Amsterdam on a whim. With just a couple weeks to plan our trip, I poured through guidebooks, studied train schedules, and marked out a route on my pocket map of Europe. Starting in the Netherlands and ending on the coast of Spain, I was hooked by the time we ate chocolate around the square in Bruges. At that moment, I resolved to travel often, wide, and professionally if possible.
Amanda Routhier
I love the different places, people, and cultures each destination has to offer.
David Jones
While in school, I used to daydream about far away lands and wondered how different other cultures and people really are from myself. I knew I wanted to travel the world as soon as possible; so, needless to say, the travel industry and I were a perfect match. Traveling and immersing myself into other cultures - meeting other people - are experiences I'll carry with me for the rest of my life.
Theresa Murray
Travel opens your eyes to new experiences! Different foods, different cultures - you get to experience a different way of life. One thing tht I've really discovered is that we Americans are too stressed. The rest of the world is so much more relaxed. When you travel, the different attitudes are, so much, more laid back. That temporary escape can be made permanent with frequent - and repetitive - travel!
Kristi Barela
I love being able to experience new cultures and food and all that kinda' junk! But, seriously, the people and unique experiences in each new destination increase my love for what I do.
Shirley Taylor
I always dreamed about traveling. I never thought I'd be able to travel all over the world, no less; it's a dream! I get to meet all different types of people and experience different cultures...being able to share what I've experienced is what I love to do and I get to do it all day! Jealous?
David Lounsbury
I never thought I'd be in the travel industry, exploring the world... Now, I am! I love everything about travel...everything! I love the different cultures, the different ethnic cuisine. There's something amazing about exploring different countries. You learn something new about yourself and where you come from, exploring somewhere new.
Josh Conaway
I like to travel to different places around the world and see the different destinations, experience different cultures...but, I always miss my own food! Traveling aids me in my career, as I get to learn about the places I sell and impart that knowledge on to everybody I speak with about travel. Even if it's what to order by the pool, as I do love to relax on vacation...
Dan Anderson
The idea of meeting new people from different cultures and seeing different areas in the world are near and dear to my heart. The idea of tasting new cuisine, however, is near and dear to my stomach! The best part of traveling, though, is what I take home: The Memories.

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