Meet our Travel Experts

Debbie Sousa
I love naturaly beauty! Seeing how people live in destinations that aren't so industrial, but still unique in their own way. The activities in each destination - but, especially in the water! I love snorkeling! I love jet skis! Really, I just like being in the water. If I'm not in the water, I'm in the spa or local watering hole! It's all about relaxing and experiencing the flavor of each new place.
Nadine Estores
I love the excitement! The freedom of going out and meeting new people and seeing new sights. Experiencing the true flavor of a destination isn't done in the's done at night!
Bryce Salstrom
I love experienceing new places and new things. The act of boarding a plane is amazing...but, my favorite part is the landing - the excitement of realizing, "I'm here." I like to take the road less traveled and find the hidden adventures that most people may miss.
Chris Andreasen
I love an active vacation. Going out and partaking in a lot of different activities in different cultures and geographical regions - they're exciting! Seeing how other people live and interacting with them allows me to take a bit of their culture home with me. It adds to the value of my life.
Sharon Alex
I have always wanted as a child to travel around the world and I have done that the last 20 years working for Classsic Vacations. Being able to visit different cultures and meeting different people all over the world give each destination a unique place in my heart.
Kellie Herndon
I love travel because it's not home! Having traveled all my life, it just seems impossible to not be somewhere new. I love it for the adventure and excitement of the unknown...yeah...that's why!
Dave Ryan
Seeing and experiencing new destinations and cultures.
Steven Perry
What I love about Travel: History, Culture, People... FOOD! Ideal destinations for me have many activities to choose from, water activities or extreme sports top my list. But complete relaxation can never be beat. With the world to chose from, I want something different from every destination, and finding the perfect one can be hard. That's what myself, and other employees of Classic Vacations are here for.
I love EVERYTHING about travel. The daydreaming prior to departure. The anticipation while on my way to the airport. Thinking about my first cocktail while standing in line for security. Watching the world pass below me from the window of an airplane and most especially landing in my destination! When I'm in any destination I make a point to see some of the iconic sites of the area, however I'm more interested in off the beaten path stuff. I relish in finding the obscure...
Heather Fagundes
I love traveling! I make it a point to go to at least three new places each year-either Domestic or International. My favorite part of traveling is immersing myself in the local culture and feasting on local foods! I also make it a point to meet locals and get recommendations on the best thing to do in their country!I love to get out and explore and make sure I share my experiences with anyone that will listen! I have worked with Classic for more than 24 years and look forward to exploring as...

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