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Shirley Taylor

About Me

"I always dreamed about traveling. I never thought I'd be able to travel all over the world, no less; it's a dream! I get to meet all different types of people and experience different cultures...being able to share what I've experienced is what I love to do and I get to do it all day! Jealous?"

Travel Specialties
I love Tahiti! The prettiest crystl blue waters and the freshest seafood I've ever had. Tahiti is one of my favorite places I've been. The Hawaiian culture, the islands - I love Hawaii! I've been to almost every island; this is where I want to retire...I just love the people. The Pacific Coast in Mexico...the sun, the food, the parties! I always get a thrill when I go to Los Cabos. But, Europe - Italy is my heart. The food, the beauty, the HISTORY...oh, my Lord! I loved everywhere I went! You've never seen history until you've been to Europe. Talk to me about a villa in Italy...we'll have you ready to move there in a week.

Favorite Hotel
Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora

Favorite Destination
Rome, Italy , Europe Location: San Jose, CA

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