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Theresa Murray

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"Travel opens your eyes to new experiences! Different foods, different cultures - you get to experience a different way of life. One thing tht I've really discovered is that we Americans are too stressed. The rest of the world is so much more relaxed. When you travel, the different attitudes are, so much, more laid back. That temporary escape can be made permanent with frequent - and repetitive - travel!"

Travel Specialties
Hawaii feels like a second home for me so I always enjoy my return visits. My visits to different islands in the Caribbean have given me the flavor of the extensive cultures and beautiful scenery in the Atlantic; one island was more beautiful than the next. EUROPE!! I can't get over the history and beauty of Italy and Spain. You have to go to Greece to understand Greece - it was an experience of a lifetime. Oh...and New Zealand! I couldn't get over the beauty of New Zealand! Being from California, it was like looking at a more pure and grand version of my own home...

Favorite Hotel
The Kahala Hotel & Resort

Favorite Destination
Florence, Tuscany, Italy , Europe Location: San Jose, CA

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