Amanyara meets Ritz Carlton and placed on Maroma Beach

September 30, 2011

The Mayakoba Complex is among the most elite in Mexico, the beauty that awaits your clients is simply amazing. Once your client arrives here for their stay they won’t soon forget it or you. Truly amazing from the massive size of the units to the beauty of the on-site golf course. Any guest of yours that has been to The Banyan Tree will tell everyone they know about their stay.

Banyan Tree is the type of hotel that host diplomats and other important people of the world. And has the capacity, privacy and amenities and staff to do so brilliantly. Although the resort itself does not sit right on the water they have a beach club that will make you forget that the second you get there. Each guest has access to the beach club and can be accessed by any unit via Golf cart.

I had the privilege to stay here and everything from the high ceilings to my private pool on my very own patio, was well beyond what I could imagine.

The Gourmet breakfast made me feel like I was a movie star with my own chef, who was there cooking just for me. The breakfast consisted of foods you would find on a 5 course dinner menu, shrimp and crab were on the breakfast menu.

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