The Amazing Namale Resort & Spa, Fiji

November 3, 2011

Namale, The Fiji Islands Resort & Spa

General: Namale is located on Vanua Levu, traveling to Vanua Levu includes taking a flight from NAN, or a neighbor island, into Savusavu airport, then a short drive to the resort. The island is very lush and tropical, with a great Fijian feel. Resort is known for its spa, and luxurious accommodations. All inclusive (and a REAL All Inclusive) lets guests enjoy any type of beverage, all means and snacks. The only additional cost at Namale (that comes to mind) is for Spa services.
Pros: Different levels of accommodation, all are very nice, but the houses are by far the best rooms seen in Fiji. The spa is the largest, offering the most variety of treatments, and the staff appears to be trained better than other resorts staff. Activities at Namale are abundant, ranging from In ocean trampoline, to Golf and Tennis, to their own bowling alley! One stand out amenity at Namale is the In room complimentary internet (for houses) and itunes with a large variety of songs and movies to watch on your own projector screen. All inclusive allows clients to relax without any worries.

Cons: ……Seriously? This is Namale! It is hard to find any Cons for Namale. If I had to say one, the beach around Namale is not the crystal clear waters you might picture in Fiji. But that tends not to be a problem since Namale recently purchased a new boat… if you could call it a boat… that will take clients to many of the best beaches in the area.

Overall: Outstanding resort in every way. Single handedly brings the luxury options of Fiji to a new level. So many options at this resort ensure clients always have something to do, always have areas for privacy, and always have options to socialize. I cannot say enough good things about this amazing and beautiful resort, easy to see clients planning regular vacations to this resort. This is the only resort that I believe can keep any client happy and well entertained. It has options for everyone and many of them.

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