Ancient Gods, Modern Church

March 19, 2013

Home of what remains the world's largest free-standing concrete dome after nearly 2,000 years, Rome's Pantheon is a triumph of engineering dating from the second century. A private guide can take you through the edifice and point out more of the impressive sights, including the oculus, an open hole exactly at the top of the dome, built to reinforce building. You'll also have an opportunity to view the tomb of the great renaissance artist Raphael, as well as those of several kings of Italy. Originally built a temple to honor all the Roman Gods, your guide will also tell you of the structure's history after it was converted into a church in the 600s, through its uses during the Italian Renaissance and into the modern era. As you finally leave, walking past the 40+ foot tall columns in the Portico, you'll have a much greater appreciation of the skill of Rome's ancient engineers and of Roman and Italian history.

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