Ancient Temples of the Gods

February 5, 2013

Step into the world of antiquity and religion on your next journey to Athens. As you are guided around the city, you'll encounter two of the most famous shrines to the ancient Greek deities which survive to this day. The first stop on your tour will be at the apex of the Acropolis, to the Parthenon itself. Built in the mid 400s BCE and dedicated to the goddess Athena, the Parthenon is an imposing presence, and you'll learn more about its history as you tour amidst the gargantuan pillars that support the structure, marveling at the engineering genius necessary to construct it some 2,400 years ago. The second stop on your itinerary will me the majestic Temple of Zeus, dedicated to the king of the gods himself. Some 200 years older than even the Parthenon, and once home to a colossal statue of Zeus, the passage of time and the hands of humans have reduced this structure to a shadow of its former self. You'll tour through this ancient ruin as you learn about its background, walking among its great columns and envisioning its majesty in days of old. As the tour draws to a close, you'll find yourself enriched by this fascinating excursion into the religion of ancient Greece, and awed by the structures that the Athenians created to honor their gods.

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