Architechtural Tour de Force

February 13, 2013

A combination of Norman, Gothic, Saracen, Catalan, and Neoclassical architecture, the Palermo Cathedral is a riot of building styles, all melded together into a gorgeous masterpiece of a structure. Book a private guided tour of this magnificent Cathedral, and, starting from the exterior, you'll be impressed from your first sighting of the edifice. Filled with soaring arches, a towering central dome, magnificent statuary, and intricately detailed facades, the outside of the cathedral is a wonder in its own right. As Palermo has at times in its past been a home to various conquerors like the Normans, Saracens, and Spaniards, their collective influence can be seen in the somehow harmoniously mixed appearance of the building. The great Gothic towers and entryways on the end of church are contrasted by the classically-styled statues that dot the grounds. And once you step inside, your guide will direct you through some of the more intimate wonders of this resplendent building. You'll learn about the history of the brilliantly-frescoed ceilings (a la Renaissance Italy) surrounded by Roman-style arches, the imposing columns that flank the main nave or central section, and the elegantly-painted and more close-up decorations in the wings and along the walls. Your eyes will be dazzled and your sense of history enraptured as you view the amazing craftsmanship that built the Palermo Cathedral. As your tour winds to a close, don't miss a chance to wander the ground for a while - you'll continue to be impressed by the landscaping and artwork that surrounds the Cathedral, and it is a fantastic way to round out this one-of-a-kind experience.

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