Banff Ave. Brewing Company

June 15, 2012

We had a quick lunch at this microbrewery, located on the second floor of the clock tower in the middle of Banff. We saw poutine on the menu and though we were in the wrong province for authenticity, we took the opportunity to try the quintessential Quebec dish: French fries sprinkled with cheese curds and covered in brown gravy. It’s better than it sounds!

More fitting for the province of Alberta were the bison hamburgers and salmon “burgers” on the menu (classic beef burgers were available, also, of course). Sandwiches, salads, hot wings and other inventively-named choices filled out a standard pub-fare menu.

Several in our group shared a sampler tray of the microbrewery’s concoctions, brewed from premium hops and malts combined with the pub’s own cultured yeast strains, using natural (chlorine-free) mountain water from the surrounding Canadian Rockies.

You can feel confident recommending this cute, casual lunch spot to clients who would enjoy trying local beer and want to explore the town of Banff and the many boutique shops that line the village’s main street.

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