Beaches on both sides of the resort!

October 4, 2011

This is the premier hotel in the country. It’s situated on a peninsula which gives it beaches on both sides of the resort!

You are escorted to your room by golf cart, where I recommend the 1 bedroom canopy suites, however the Cielo (meaning sky or term for endearment ) and Terraza rooms, while smaller, in size still have 5 star service and plush amenities.

The most common question is whether the Terraza and Cielo rooms have an ocean view. The answer is more complicated than yes or no. These rooms have a peek-a-boo view of the ocean which varies during the time of year. Dry season you will be able to see more Ocean and during the rainy season this view will be compromised more by the surrounding trees and vegetation.

The view from the 5 tee of the 4 seasons golf course offers up islands in the distance, mostly for aesthetic value; but they do have some caves and small beaches. The golf course is designed by Arnold Palmer and the grass is watered with a salt water solution. This is unique to only this course.

The canopy suites are surrounded by a dry tropical rain forest and have lots of vegetation and wildlife around them. You also have to take golf carts to get to and from these rooms.

Teens club at the 4 seasons, located next to the basketball court they have lots of computers games, pool and large flat screen tv’s. They have things for any client.

The kids club is a kids paradise. They have their own pool. A plethora, that's right - "a plethora," of video games and toys, and daily arts and crafts at no additional charge.

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