The Blue Mosque

February 11, 2013

Built in the early 1600s, the Sultan Ahmet Mosque (better known as the Blue Mosque) remains to this day one of Istanbul's biggest draws for travelers. If you take a private tour with your own guide, though, you'll have an experience far above and beyond that of the typical tourist. As you meander through the building, you'll learn about its history, from the fact that its "Blue" name is not actually the official name of the mosque (it comes from the color of the precious tiles used in the construction), to the architectural innovations behind the central building's domes. The inner courtyard grounds will impress as well, with views of the intricate tilework and stained glass visible throughout. If you manage to time your visit just right, you'll also have a special treat as you leave, and the hear the call to prayer being sent out simultaneously from the mosque's half-dozen towering minarets.

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