Canopy Zipline & Lunch on the Ranch Date

November 23, 2012

The Wright brothers were obsessed with the notion of creating a flying machine. The ability to “fly like a bird” was so amazing to them that through sheer determination, they accomplished their ultimate dream. Just imagine the look on their faces now if they could see people today soaring over the tops of trees on a Canopy Zipline through a Maui Eucalyptus forest. I think they’d rush to be first in line! Ziplining has been around now for a while and it’s gotten a lot more exciting than just one or two times across to a landing. Now there are canopy bridges, tree houses, climbing towers, double, triple and even quadruple lines so that 2-4 people can zip across at the same time and have a race. Depending on the type of course you choose, you can wind up spending 1-3 hours in the trees. I highly recommend my “Zipline on the Ranch” experience. I’ll have a private car take you to the zip line ranch where you will honor the Wright brothers by taking flight on a pre-reserved zip line course and length of your choosing. Afterward, I’ll have your driver take you to a nearby deli & grill located on a working cattle ranch where you can enjoy a hearty and tasty lunch including a variety of salads and deli sandwiches. And if the grill is hot and ready, you can order a teriyaki chicken sandwich, a burger made fresh with beef grown on the ranch or even a steak – just purchase one from their store and they’ll gladly put it on the grill for you. Once you’ve had time to relax and eat on the verandah, your driver will take you back home where you can slip into your hotel’s Jacuzzi and talk about your exciting adventure soaring through the air.

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