Contemporary, yet traditional

October 4, 2011

This large, high-end, opulent property, shouts “contemporary” but shows traditional. Silk wall hangings and fanciful frescos provide the backdrop for the modern furniture and dark hardwood floors. More of a hotel for the younger populate, distinguished groups and your Starwood faithful, the Westin Excelsior Rome, is an excellent four/five star option. They offer a variety of spacious room types and suites that could accommodate couples and families. Connecting rooms and two bedroom suites are regularly available. Boasting one of the only swimming pools in the city, and the largest suite in Europe (Veneto Suite) this luxurious property hosts a variety of celebrities, dignitaries and high-end events. Whether the Downey Restaurant or the chic bar, guests are offered a variety of things to do once they return from a long day of discovering the ancient treasures of Rome.

I personally took a liking to this hotel; it can be recommended without reservation, but as usual always qualify the client; as it is a Westin. Despite the mix of styles, this property may not be for everyone. Clients looking for a Hellenic stay should probably not be directed here, but those wanting to be seen, stay in style, eat good food and still be within reach of all points of interest, will be just fine! You may have to drudge through rates and put rooms on request often, but for the most part, it is worth it.

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