On the Edge of a Magnificent Lagoon

October 3, 2011

Property Facts

Sofitel Moorea la Ora Beach Resort is settled on the edge of a magnificent lagoon, with views over the island of Tahiti. The resort, recently renovated, features 114 luxurious bungalows built over the water, on the beachfront or surrounded by landscaped gardens. Facilities include two excellent restaurants, a bar, a fabulous outdoor swimming pool and day spa. The overwater bungalows extend out into the water and don’t obstruct the beach area.

My Opinion

4 star - This resort has the most authentic Polynesian feel out of any of the Moorea resorts. Lush vegetation and a large cliff-face seclude this property from the outside world. Water fountains and Tahitian statues decorate the property. The beach stretches for a long way with no real obstructions making the beach bungalows very desirable. The beach also faces the main island of Tahiti which is beautiful at night with all the shimmering lights. “K” is a high-end gourmet restaurant the features a sandy bottom (instead of a floor) and is also constructed with iron-wood lumber and other local plants. This restaurant makes for a very unique dining experience. The location is conveniently close to the airport and harbor.

Bottom Line

This is a great property for people that want an authentic Polynesian feel.

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