Feast your Eyes and Fill your Soul

January 30, 2013

It's hardly news that Los Cabos has long been associated with fishing, and has some of the freshest and tastiest morsels from the sea to be found anywhere. But I wonder, how many visitors to this paradise take the next step? Fresh, high-quality fish Is fantastic in any dish, but it can become even more than that when skillfully treated. Whether it's the freshest of the fresh, turned into a brightly colored, festive ceviche, or today's catch of tuna grilled with herbs just plucked from the soil and drizzled in premium Italian olive oil, or shellfish cooked in a broth of traditional Mexican spices, the best establishments in Los Cabos can elevate their outstanding ingredients to even greater heights! A feast for the eyes, and food for the soul - the best the sea can provide, prepared with love and care.

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