Four Seasons Resort, Costa Rica.... Does it really need a more catching title?

November 4, 2011

Since you will notice that the Four Seasons Resort in Costa Rica, is listed as my favorite hotel, and that Costa Rica is my favorite destination (much because of this resort) you can expect that opinion on this hotel is that it is in the best of the world. I think you will be able to see exactly why in this review.

If you do not know the Four Seasons experience, it is hard to explain, and impossible to explain the feeling you have when you are at Four Seasons. And this experience, these feelings, are heightened when staying at the Four Seasons in Costa Rica. Instead of "information dumping" about the resort, I will leave the web for you to find most of that. Instead I want to focus on what you will experience, what kind of expectations you should have, when staying at Four Seasons Costa Rica.

Let’s get the basics out of the way. Costa Rica does not have private beaches, so many resorts you will see vendors selling activities, or merchandise. Honestly, this tends to not be an issue at any of our resorts, but obviously does not feel as private when experiencing this. Four Seasons is pretty private, it would be very difficult for vendors to reach their beach. Because of this, vendors are very limited if seen at all (I did not see any). There are two different beaches at Four Seasons, one is the bay side, and one is the open ocean side. Both are great beaches with beautiful water. The resort has... well I will call them standard hotel rooms, but only in the sense that the more "standard" rooms are in a high rise style section of the hotel. However, these rooms are excellent, great views, amazing set up and size. There is nothing about their standard rooms which would not satisfy any client. Close to the standard rooms is their main swimming pool, and beach on the "bay" side. Other than the standard accommodations, Four Seasons offers many Suite options. All are stand alone and extremely spacious. The 1 Bedroom Canopy suite is a great value and will greatly surpass all expectations. These are some of the best accommodations I have seen anywhere.

Now, what really makes Four Seasons Costa Rica so good? Well, if you are bringing kids, there is not a more perfect resort to go to. The children's programs are outstanding and will allow parents to relax and have private time without any worry. The programs are educational and safe. The only problem with their children's program is that the kids literally do not want to leave! Traveling with older kids? Trust me, the teen center is outstanding. I found myself wishing I could spend my time there. Basketball court, Field, Large HD TV’s with gaming systems galore, Multiple Dell XPS Gaming computers, and a large selection of educational materials, books and board games.... you won’t have an issue with your teenagers being bored at all.

So the kids are taken care of, now let’s talk about the rest of the resort. If you are an experienced traveler, you might have noticed that many resorts have only a restaurant or two that you can choose from. Four Seasons Costa Rica has 4 primary restaurants to chose from, as well as a lounge you can order drinks and food (Sushi) in, and finally In-Room dining. I have tried all of their options, for all different meals, and much of the different foods they have there (Four Seasons put together a type of taste testing dinner for my group so that we can try it all) and the food is some of the best food I have ever tasted. Four Seasons Italian style restaurant Di Mare, was my favorite dinner and offers some great wine parings.

Four Seasons Costa Rica can arrange many excursions or activities for you, including use of their Catamaran, which I had the pleasure of experiencing. My group of Classic Vacations Employees were able to relax, and enjoy the calm beautiful waters of Costa Rica, while enjoying our favorite beverage and snacks. The Catamaran took us to a secluded island and Cove (somewhere in the ocean...) and we enjoyed ourselves in the warm waters and had a great snorkel experience. On our return we had Hump Back whales surfacing just off of our Catamaran. Almost on Queue the whales disappeared into an amazing, orange and red sunset.

One thing that Four Seasons guests all have in common... they all have stories that seem to be "perfect". Coincidence? As a guest of Four Seasons Costa Rica, you notice things. Maybe you are talking casually at breakfast, mention that you enjoy a certain magazine, or prefer to sleep with an extra large pillow. To your surprise, when you arrive at your hotel room that evening, you find that magazine, or pillow you wanted. All of Four Seasons employees are empowered to do what’s best for their clients. They listen attentively, and even the smallest want never goes unnoticed, or unfulfilled. Sounds too good to be true, but I recommend you give yourself the chance to be amazed, and stay at the Four Seasons Costa Rica. Another minor example of the quality of Four Seasons staff. At breakfast, two members of my group were in a discussion about a certain fruit they are enjoying. The discussion was around the type of fruit it is, and that they believed it to be one they are familiar with, but it is slightly different. The Four Seasons employee that was clearing the table next to us over heard, and happily came by with, not just the answer, but the entire background of the fruit, where it comes from, what fruits it’s related to, and was able to answer any questions we had. And really, it’s not just a coincidence, you can ask these employees most anything and they will know the answer, or quickly find out. They love their job, and they take pride in everything they do.

Last thing I want to focus on at Four Seasons Costa Rica is their Golf course. WOW, talk about a one of a kind course. Forgive me for my lack of knowledge and memory about specifics, but this is truly an amazing course. The Grass used on this course grows from Salt Water, saving water and ensuring a perfectly beautiful grass quality. Many of the holes are on cliff tops, with some of the most amazing views I have seen, right out of a magazine. This is a course that can turn non golfers, into avid golfers!

I could talk about Four Seasons Costa Rica for days, but I hope that you can see the kind of experience you will have at Four Seasons. I mentioned in the beginning of this blog that I will prepare you to know what to "expect", but truthfully, any expectations you have will be surpassed. This resort was built for you, no matter who you are.

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