A great hotel collection along the Ponte Vecchio

October 4, 2011

This four hotel collection, on varying sides of the Ponte Vecchio, provides clients a plethora of options depending on taste and necessity!

The Continentale and Gallery Hotel Art are Lugarno’s high-end contemporary options that blend Salvatore Ferragamo design with hip decadence. These two hotels sit directly across a cobblestone road from each other and seem to bring youthful exuberance to an incredibly mature city. Entrenched in chic artwork and stylish decorations, both properties provide spacious guestrooms and unique nuances that unquestionably stand out. They are set back off the road about fifteen to twenty feet, so you cannot see the river from many of the guestrooms, but guests are able to do things such as, people watch at the Continentale’s third floor lounge facing the Ponte Vecchio or enjoy a city view from the wonderfully appointed Terrace Suites at the Gallery Art. Enjoy dinner al fresco via the Sky Lounge at the Continentale or at the Miami-esque outdoor fusion restaurant at Gallery Hotel Art. I know this may sound out of place in Florence, but it actually fits in rather well. I personally took a liking to both properties, but questions need to be asked before sending clients to either of these properties. Most people visit Milan to wake up to frescos and be put to sleep by Murano glass chandeliers, but the Continentale and Gallery Hotel Art are anomalies; they are very contemporary and do not incorporate very many Italian provisions. Trendy under forty or experienced travelers looking for an alternate experience in Italy seem to be ideal candidates.

Hotel Lungarno and Lungarno Suites are Lungarno Hotels much more traditional Florentine options which cater to families and your regular layperson alike. With more traditional offerings and accommodation choices, Lungarno Suites (small apartment style) or Hotel Lungarno (a boutique hotel) gives clients a warm and cozy feel. The Lungarno Suites have nicely appointed spacious studios, one & two bedroom suites that allow guests to feel as if they have their own apartment in the heart of the city. The Hotel Lungarno is a mix of traditionally decorated guestrooms and suites. There are not full service amenities at the Lungarno Suites, but anything you need can be found at one of the sister properties not too far away. Dine at Borgo San Jacopo, a fine dining restaurant shared by the two properties or listen to music and enjoy libations at the elegant Lungarno Lounge.

Whichever one you choose from the Lungarno suite of properties, there is something for everyone; it’s just a matter of qualifying the client correctly. Contemporary or traditional, family or couple set the expectation right and you can’t go wrong. I enjoyed all of these properties and would recommend them without reservation!

They also do an excellent job of working with us, so specials such as European Riches and nights free, are readily available.

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