Heaven on Earth Spa Day for Two

November 23, 2012

"A spa treatment should make you feel as though you’ve been transported to the “Land of Bliss” also known as your “Happy Place.” There is only place that I know of in Maui where the entire spa experience is unique and wonderful and the best place to get your happy on. Allow me to paint a tranquil picture for you...
Imagine a secluded place tucked away and very private - a place where the air is slightly cooler, refreshing and scented with eucalyptus and jasmine. Imagine grounds covered in a botanical garden with fragrant herbs and plants, all used to make the various spa treatment oils and waters. Imagine a peaceful space with a purifying sauna, an outdoor shower and cold salt water pool all with mountain and ocean views. This is the sanctuary where you will enjoy “Heaven on Earth” and experience a very special spa day. Your blissful spa day experience will include body, scalp and foot or facial massages. You’ll spend time in the sauna, salt water lap pool and a Jacuzzi sprinkled with fresh Hawaiian flowers. Lunch will be served and will include bottled sparkling water, fresh fruit, herb teas and chocolate. You’ll have time to relax and reflect. You’ll raise a glass of fruited water in my honor and thank me over and over again for sending you to this wondrous and enchanting place. Just know that you are very welcome and it’s my pleasure to introduce you to a little place that I like to call the “Land of Bliss.”

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