History of the Macabre

February 13, 2013

While in Prague, you will have the opportunity to see one of the strangest sites you'll ever lays eyes upon - the Church of Bones. While most of the great cities of Europe have impressive churches in them, Gothic Cathedrals, Baroque Basilicas, and so on, few have anything as strange and eerie as what Prague holds . Built in the middle ages, at one point a church official brought back soil from the Holy Land and placed it on the site, and it soon became a favored burial spot for locals, as they felt being buried on holy ground would benefit their souls' fate. As time wore on, though, demand for space exceeded capacity (particularly after the Black Plague) and church officials moved bones out of the cemetery and began to store them in the chapel itself. Now, when you walk into the chapel, you'll see walls carpeted in skulls, an enormous chandelier made of bones, piled leg and arm bones arranged to look like a coat of arms, and more. All throughout, this chapel is quite literally covered in the remains of past eras. As you view all this, make sure to ask the officials more about the history of this unique reliquary - you are sure to be engrossed by this most unusual of religious sites. A testament to the powerful drive to find peace in the afterlife, the bone church stands unique among the sights of Prague.

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