Metropole, Venice

November 9, 2012

General: Metropole is a very unique property for Venice offering original and “period” furniture with a vast and impressive antique collection. Metropole is not your typical “Traditional Venice” style of property though as it combines its original furniture with an Oriental flair. Antiques at the Metropole include 15th century corks and corkscrews, business card holders, and even oriental themed fans. Rooms at the Metropole smell of light incense and range greatly in styles offering a new experience every time. Hotel Metropole offers great restaurant choices including the Met restaurant which will serve dishes in the traditional way, or optional contemporary version. Metropole also offers dining in their Citrus Garden for a relaxing meal.

Pros: Keeps traditional Venice with a twist. Rooms are different styles which is exciting for repeat guests. Cuisine at the Metropole has been highly rated, rating up to 2 diamonds on the Michelin guide. Location provides great views and access to many top tourist areas.

Cons: Though the location may be considered a positive, it is in a very busy area for tourists and when cruise ships port it can be extremely busy. Metropole is unique but may feel out of place to guests looking for a traditional hotel.

Overall: Hotel Metropole is a nice surprise with a unique atmosphere and interesting antique collection. The rooms at the Metropole are comfortable, and some can be very artistically decorated. The location of the hotel is great for walking Venice at night by the Lagoon. Cuisine at the Metropole is highly praised, though their chef who earned the 2 Michelin stars has since left the property. Metropole is a quality hotel with good service that most guest will enjoy.

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