Monarchs of Mexico

February 1, 2013

Beautiful black and orange, flitting and darting between trees … that's the sight of thousands upon thousands of Monarch butterflies in their biosphere Reserve in Morelia, Mexico. The sole known species of migrating butterfly, those which dwell east of the Rocky Mountins in the USA spend their winters in the pleasant, warm climate of central Mexico. Visit the UNESCO world heritage site between December and February, and you'll be treated to a beautiful natural setting copmlete with millions upon millions of butterflies contained in just a few square acres. They can often be so numerous that they make the tree branches bend under their combined weight! A guided tour will take you through the reserve as you learn about the migratory patterns, life cycle, and conservation projects involving these amazing insects, as you are captivated by their dazzling beauty. And if you're truly fortunate, you might get to see them take off in flight, blanketing the air in a sea of color and motion!

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