In my next life, may I please be born in Provence

August 12, 2011

Provence…………….Provence, yes, sorry, I just like to say the word, let alone be there. I can honestly say I didn’t and couldn’t even imagine what this area of France was all about. I arrive and I want to assume a local’s identity and never leave. I like to think of an analogy like… Hot is to Cold as New York City is to Provence. These quiet little villages in dotted throughout Provence offer savory cuisine, farmers markets, stone houses, olive groves, vineyards, squares, fountains, medieval ruins, freshly baked breads, tiered gardens, pedestrian bridges, quaint shops, antiques, and quiet outdoor cafes. Using the Four Seasons Terre Blanche as a base, one can visit the charming infused surrounding towns in the best of style. Terre Blanche is on a hillside overlooking the rolling countryside; it offers a French village feel with top of the line amenities. Built from stone, terra-cotta, and wood, this resort blends perfectly into its own countryside. Fayence, a town only 6 miles away was my personal favorite, having tried frog legs here for the first time here, I hope to return in the future, but go for a different dish. Almost forgot, the Four Seasons boasts a 32,000 square foot spa in a two-story villa with a 65 foot long pool, need I say more?

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