A New Twist on Traditional Cuisine

January 31, 2013

The best of the old, the best of the new, and all of it presented in a stunning setting - that's what you'll get if you experience the pinnacle of Puerto Vallarta's fine cuisine. It will have the best of the culinary traditions that Mexico offers, from poblano chile and black bean soup, to shrimp al pastor, to filet mignon in a mild yet intensely flavorful chile sauce. As if that weren't enough , you'll find that paired with carefully chosen and exquisitely presented foodstuffs from around the world designed to complement these wonderful flavors ... think fresh shrimp in traditional spices, but cooked in coconut milk, or adobo-marinated steak paired up with Portobello mushrooms! And at its finest, Puerto Vallarta will deliver all of this in an amazing setting, overlooking the beach and sea, clear blue skies above mirroring the cerulean water below.

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