People in Glass Houses …

February 13, 2013

The Island of Murano in Venice, Italy offers a rare and special opportunity to its tourists - a chance to visit a working Murano glass factory. Watch as local artisans create masterworks before your eyes, blowing samples of the glass art that has made Murano's factories the envy of glass collectors worldwide since the late 13th century. From green to red to blue to yellow, the array of color and shapes of glass will astound you - from simple vases to enormous, detailed tabletops, to intricate chandeliers, the depth and breadth of this artwork is striking. You'll learn about how the colors are infused into the glass (for example, putting in cobalt yields blue glass), to the methods and techniques used to form the various objects. And finally, once you've been sufficiently dazzled, you'll have to suffer the temptations of viewing the magnificent wares the factory has for sale.

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