Private Sea Turtle Snorkel Adventure on the Sea

November 23, 2012

I’ve watched a couple of those shows where treasure hunters send robots into the deep depths of the ocean and look for incredible finds like gold coins and artifacts from shipwrecks. You can do some of your own treasure hunting right here in the waters of Maui and create memories that will last a lifetime. But you won’t be looking for gold – the real treasure here is in the nature and beauty of the undersea world. Chartering your own private boat is the way to go here-you show up in your swimsuits and your captain takes care of the rest. You’ll snorkel the most amazing reefs that no one else is going to and even visit an underwater collapsed volcano. In fact, there is this one very special coral reef in Molokini that is surrounded by lava formations where you see all kinds of beautiful colorful fish and a ton of green sea turtles hanging out. My son has named all the sea turtles “Sammy” so make you sure say “Hi Sammy!” to each one you meet. The photos you take underwater will be amazing and you’ll wind up enlarging and hanging them on your wall. Chartering a private boat means you can custome your own tour and be out on the water as long as you like. You can also enjoy real food while on deck like grilled chicken, pasta, beer, wine and mai-tais after you are done snorkeling. And it's the very best way to experience the real treasure of the sea, get in some serious snorkeling and create those once in a lifetime moments captured by film.

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