A (retired) Pirate's Life

January 31, 2013

Named "Island of the Women" by the Spanish after the many images of Mayan goddesses they found there, Isla Mujeres has much more to it than you might expect! How about a slice of local history, including piracy, lavish estates, unrequited love, and madness? You'll get all that and more with an escorted tour of the Mundaca Hacienda, a manor constructed on the island by a pirate and slaver who, in his old age, decided he had had enough of ransacking the Caribbean. Built by Fermin Mundaca, the estate had stunning, intricate landscaping, including a solar clock garden. More interesting, though, is that Mundaca built the whole complex in an attempt to win the heart of a woman he met in Isla Mujeres. Alas, his efforts were in vain (likely not helped by her being 37 years younger than he), and tradition has it that he slowly went insane in the following years. His never-filled grave still stands in the island's cemetery, complete with the skull and crossbones he personally carved from stone to memorialize his life of plundering, a testament to the island's past. Tour through this wondrous slice of history, and further enrich your trip to Isla Mujeres.

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