Romantic Sailing Cruise with Picnic Lunch

November 23, 2012

The day is spent sitting back and relaxing on your private sail boat. You’re soaking up the sun as the warm tropical breeze is blowing through your hair. You are wearing your skinny white capris, blue and white striped nautical shirt with accent scarf around your neck, cute navy Keds and designer shades. You look absolutely fabulous as you sip a glass of chilled champagne. Your date, standing at the wheel and manning the sails looks handsome in his rugged denim shirt with sleeves rolled up to his forearms paired with Khaki Dockers and Top Siders. You look like an ad right out of the LLBean catalog and you don’t care. You’re enjoying a private sailing cruise and having your picture taken for this year’s holiday card. Seriously. I know of a Captain that will take you out for a day of sailing where you can choose to just relax and enjoy the ride or learn some of the basics of sailing. Imagine the thrill as you stand at the wheel and feel the power of the wind as you guide your vessel through the water. Music is p[laying in the background and this is the moment that you realize, “This is the life!” I can also have a scrumptious gourmet picnic lunch delivered along with your choice of wine or champagne. And of course, a professional photographer will be on hand, if you desire, to take candid as well as perfectly posed photographs while you sail. It’s a 4 hour, incredibly unique experience that you’ll never forget.

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