Snorkel and BBQ Tour

November 23, 2012

This is a great way to see the Na Pali Coast up close and it gives you the chance to experience a really fun day filled with snorkeling and yummy BBQ food. You’ll start sailing up the coast early in the morning and be treated to some warm cinnamon rolls and fresh pineapple to enjoy along the way. I love that part. And then, when your very attentive crew notices pods of dolphins, they will actually stop the boat various times so you can get a really good look at them and take pictures. It is a surreal experience to be that close to them. When it’s time to go snorkeling, (you can choose not to participate & stay on the boat instead), you can jump into the crystal clear blue water and swim around. Your BBQ lunch will be served on deck with your choice of burgers and teriyaki chicken with all the trimmings. I like to do ½ & ½ so I get to taste everything because it is so good. And let me just tell you that the view from your boat while you eat is spectacular with the tall dramatic cliffs towering above you meeting the gorgeous turquoise blue water down below – it’s just breathtaking.

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