Spanjol Fortress

February 12, 2013

Looking out over the island of Hvar from the top of the hill near town, Hvar fortress began its life in the early 1500s as an outpost of Venice. Boasting wide views of Hvar city and the surrounding islands, even before you enter the building, Hvar fortress offers a landscape of beauty for the eyes. Once inside, the medieval architecture will entrance you, from the thick stone walls complete with arrow slits, to the prison chambers and crenelated walls. Known for its collection of ancient Greek amphorae, the fortress was actually built on top of ruins dating from the Roman Empire, and subsequently rebuilt repeatedly over the centuries until taking on its current form. Do yourself a favor and take a guided tour late in the evening - the sunset and nighttime views of the surrounding area are first-rate. Your tour of the fortress will give you more of a sense of the island's history, and leave you basking in the glow of an enriching experience.

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