Tequila Tour

January 31, 2013

The capital city of the region of Mexico behind such diverse and memorable contributions as mariachi music and tequila, the Guadalajara area offers an in-depth chance to experience Mexican culture. Take a day-long guided tour of the nearby town of Tequila, and learn all about the magical spirit behind the ever-popular Margarita! From the farms where you'll see the blue-green agave plants the liquor comes from, to the distillery itself, you'll discover the process by which tequila is created. You'll learn about the different varieties of tequila, the means by which it evolves from the agave plant to the bottled drink on the liquor store shelf, and the history of tequila over the centuries (it has its roots as far back as the Aztec era). A visit to the National Museum of Tequila will net you a fascinating view into history as well! You can polish off your day trip with a tequila tasting at one of the area's many distilleries, and enjoy some of the finest examples of that smoky yet spicy spirit of the night. Just don't go diluting the best of the stuff in a margarita ... it deserves to be enjoyed all on its own, akin to a good whiskey.

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