Tour Through History

February 13, 2013

The next time you're in Dubrovnik, take the time to orchestrate a local private guide to show you around the historical sites of the city. Dubrovnik has a great deal to offer, including a 14th century Franciscan monastery, complete with cloisters, and the baroque-style Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin with its intricate decorative structures. After seeing these historical religious sites, you'll take a walk on the imposing city walls constructed over a period of 300 years that once served to protect the town from invaders. Those still-complete walls, complete with their defenses and towers, offer stunning views (and photo ops!) of the town and nearby seaside. Last but not least, you'll see a bit of the darker side of local history with a visit to one of the galleries that details the events of the 1990s, when Croatia and the rest of the former Yugoslavia were embroiled in a bitter civil war. This tour of Dubrovnik will give you a unique and in-depth historical perspective on this magical city.

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