Visiting Xochimilco, Mexico City

January 29, 2013

While visiting with friends in Mexico City, we were taken to the historic town of Xochimilco (Garden of Flowers). Just 17 miles from the city center, this town feels like a whole other world. Xochimilco was declared a Unesco Cultural Heritage site in 1987. There are two main parts to Xochimilco - a traditional area and an ecological park north of town. The canals and lagoons attract many species of birds and are great for bird watching. The area’s canals and lagoons are fun and colorful, particularly on weekends. Brightly-colored boats (trajineras) carry up to a dozen people and are available for rent at a minimal cost. This is great for a family outing. You board the boat, and as you sail along the canals, there are plenty of vendors (in smaller canoes) with food and drink, souvenirs and music. This place with it's charm and cultural experience will remain in your memories forever.

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