Volcanoes, Lava Tubes and More!

November 23, 2012

"If this is the only time you rent a car, then by all means rent a Jeep and drive along the stretch of road called “Crater Rim Drive.” You’ll quickly understand why this park is one of the Top 10 “Must Do’s” on our Hawaii list. This can be an all-day adventure as the park is huge. Make sure you arrive early in the day so you can see and do everything you want and pack a picnic lunch, snacks and water – you’ll thank me later. Stop at the Visitor's Center and get a map and find out what conditions you can expect for the day including intense fog and rain. If they are predicting rain, you might want to purchase a couple of rain ponchos or bring a change of clothes with you. Some of the highlights are: Jagger Musuem, the Pua Po'o Lava Tube, (arrive on a Wednesday and with a reservation, you’ll be able to take the incredible guided hike on the Kilauea Iki Trail - 4 miles starting out in a rainforest and arriving at the edge of a crater resembling the Moon, and then back to the Jagger Museum at night where you can watch the orange glowing steam vent from Kilauea Caldera from the back patio. Truly an impressive remarkable trip!

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