The island of Oahu is Hawaii’s third largest island, but home to the majority of Hawaii’s diverse population. Approximately 75% of Hawaii’s population resides on Oahu. Oahu is a contemporary fusion between east and west cultures, modern luxuries and native traditions, bustling metropolis and historic landmarks, and of course plenty of natural tropical beauty.

Countless movies and TV shows have been filmed in Oahu due to its picturesque beauty and easy access from Hollywood. It has been the set for Jurassic Park, 50 First Dates, Blue Crush, Pirates of the Caribbean, the hit TV series Lost, and is the current setting for the new Hawaii Five-O. After filming, many stars still call the island home and you never know when you might run into an A-list celebrity at one of Oahu’s famed restaurants or 5-star hotels.

Gourmands are sure to delight in Oahu’s vibrant culinary scene. Oahu offers tasty culinary tours and classes, farmers markets featuring locally grown produce, the only fish auction between Tokyo and Maine, 5-star and chef-owned restaurants, and traditional luau’s and spam inspired delicacies. Oahu's innovative farm to table cuisine is one of the island's greatest attractions. Roy Yamaguchi, Alan Wong and George Mavrothalassitis are just a few of the state's most recognized chefs who call Oahu home. These three chefs, along with their equally esteemed counterparts, helped to develop Hawaii Regional Cuisine to showcase Hawaii's produce, fish and local products. The relationships between the farmers and the chefs have given Oahu a reputation of being a premier culinary destination. After enjoying sumptuous island treats, party-goers can head for Waikiki and Honolulu where dazzling night clubs, friendly pubs, posh bars, and a variety of music and entertainment abound along the glittering shoreline. Oahu’s nightlife scene can best be described as a non-stop mix of high-energy entertainment and parties... all under one twinkling night sky.

Fashion and glamour seekers will marvel at downtown Honolulu, Hawaii’s state capital, with its sparkling backdrop of skyscrapers and world-class shopping. Fashionistas can find everything, from one of America’s largest open-air malls with posh high-end retailers to charming boutiques and local specialty stores and plenty of tacky tchotchkes to take home as fun souvenirs.

There is always something to do on the island of Oahu, from experiencing some of the world’s best beaches, shopping, dining or entertainment; Oahu is a non-stop urban oasis of contemporary fun.

St. Barths


The island of St. Barths is located in the French West Indies in the Caribbean. Known for its high-end designers, beaches and fantastic gourmet dining, St. Barths is the place to be. The island is full of history and culture relating to the French, Swedish and British occupations, yet still has a contemporary approach to cuisine, nightlife and design. St. Barths caters to a high-standard of luxury and entertainment and is the favorite destination of the rich and the famous. Home to elite boutique hotels, luxurious private villas and extravagant yachts, this island offers nothing but the best.

St. Barths capital and largest city is Gustavia, which is located in a “U” shaped cove facing the harbor to the west. This city features architecture that has been built and rebuilt based on the island’s history with occupation and natural disaster. Visitors will find every type of building, from colonial bell towers to modern boutique store fronts. Gustavia also has world-class duty-free shopping, offering prestigious labels, haute couture and the latest trendy collections from young designers.

This island has its peak of tourism at New Years Eve, when parties are non-stop and the glamorous come out to play. But New Years isn’t the only time the island is a happening place. Visitors will find the sky erupting with celebration for both public and private events year round. St. Barths also hosts performing arts festivals that are unlike any in the world. Every year during January, visitors and residents alike are treated to more than a dozen nights of the finest live music and dance performances of a quality they might normally find in a place like Carnegie Hall in New York or Opera Garnier in Paris.

St. Barths is the perfect, unique combination of relaxation, luxury, culture and dazzling style that makes for a vacation experience like none other.



Situated on Lake Ontario, Toronto is the capital of Ontario and is Canada’s largest city, with a population of 5.74 million people, and is the cultural, entertainment and financial capital of Canada. Known for its fashion-forward thinking, top-notch design, and multicultural expression, Toronto is an edgy city with a style of its own. Toronto has redefined itself as a sophisticated and cosmopolitan city that offers extravagant dining and diverse experiences among its multiple trendy districts. Not only does this city lay claim to innovative and high-profile architecture, but it is also experiencing a boom in residential and hotel development, making this the contemporary city to visit for luxury travel seekers

The city of Toronto is a true center for the arts. Here, travelers might notice the creativity of design with buildings such as the suspended black and white domino elevated by brightly colored struts that is known as the Will Alsop’s Sharp Center for Design located at Ontario College of Art & Design. Those wishing to experience art first-hand can visit Daniel Libeskind’s new addition to the Royal Ontario Museum, which is the perfect combination of beautiful steel, glass and hard angles that contrast, yet complement the exquisite museum building. There is also the Art Gallery of Ontario, which houses first class contemporary and classic artwork. Those looking for an art-filled vacation can spend time in Queen West, the city’s thriving art and design district.

When not perusing the city for expressions of art, visitors can find their way to the Distillery District. This fun, happening place is home to shops, restaurants, and arts organizations located on the 14 acre grounds of an old whiskey distillery. Or, for a more multicultural experience, visitors can explore either of the two Chinatowns, Little Italy, or any other ethnic outpost that Toronto is known for. In any of Toronto’s variety of districts, one can find a plethora of restaurants that emphasize seasonal organic ingredients, stores featuring the latest international and local designers, music that fits all tastes, and nightlife or lounge scene to die for.

Although Toronto emanates a chic and international vibe, it is not too far away from the natural splendor that Canada prides itself for. Just north of downtown, one can reconnect themselves to their natural surroundings in the Canadian Wilderness. Or, visit the famous Niagra Falls, a less than two hour drive from the heart of the city. Whether it’s to attend Toronto’s celebrated Film Festival in September, indulge in every type of cuisine, or be soaked in culture and artwork, people who visit Toronto leave with memories they will cherish and a new love for this ever evolving city.

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