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Private Yacht Collection

The Endless Blue just can't be experienced any other way

For over 20 years Endless Blue has provided customized yacht charters throughout the Mediterranean and Caribbean. Their years of experience in fleet management, industry knowledge and client care allow them to provide experienced consultation to our luxury travel advisors.

As a trusted yacht provider and advisor, Endless Blue is able to provide an in-depth approach to yacht chartering. For over a decade they’ve provided seamless, effortless on the water experiences for luxury travel professionals and their clients.

The Collections

Private Yacht Charters Portfolio...

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Sample Itinerary

Just a taste Amalfi Coast & Capri...

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Themed charters pre-packaged for your ease...

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The Collections

Sailing Yacht Collection

In their Sailing Yacht Class there is a yacht for everyone’s budget. This collection offer everything from sportive to ultra luxury while maintaining a green eco-friendly travel style. While sailing yachts may require more time to reach the next destination, they are friendlier with fuel consumption and the environment. Sailing yachts are the original way to discover the islands. On a sailing yacht it’s all about the journey and not just about getting from one destination to the next. That’s not to say that sailing yachts are slow - they have performance luxury sailing yachts that can beat top speeds on many motor yachts (with the right winds). The best way to enjoy a private sailing yacht charter is to let the winds take you where they want. This way you will have ideal sailing conditions, extreme fuel efficiency and an awesome feel of nature.

Motor Yacht Collection

Whether you select a yacht from Endless Blue’s Simple Elegance Collection or all the way to their Bold & Beautiful , you aren’t just chartering a yacht or taking another cruise, you are owning a lifestyle. Motor yachts are more ideally suited for a journey where time is of essence and style and on-board amenities are a must. Motor yachts offer speed allowing you to maximize your destinations. Often you can achieve 5-6 destinations in a 7 day itinerary. They reduce time on the water between destinations and make for a really good wow effect when you come into port! However, be prepared as motor yachts have higher fuel consumptions. The faster you go, the more you consume and fuel requirements can be high. Motor yachts are also more susceptible to adverse weather conditions and your Captain may require to alter your journey.

Simple Elegance

The Simple Elegance collection is Endless Blue’s collection of older yachts that have been completely refit and offer great values, larger cabins and all the bells and whistles of our other collections without the higher charter costs. The Simple Elegance collection is perfect for families, larger groups or couples that want to experience a private yacht cruise without the over the top rates.

Rates From: $70,000 plus CE <100ft

Rates From: $125,000 plus CE >100ft

Sea & Be Seen

Endless Blue’s Sea & Be Seen collection is exactly that - you have to be seen in these yachts. The yachts are beautiful, stunning lookers and ideal suited for up to 3 couples in matrimonial beds and one Twin. Many of the yachts in this collection come with sun deck jacuzzis, a wide range of sea toys, upper deck bar, al fresco dining and much more. The “Sea & Be Seen” is a charter favorite.

Rates From $75,000 plus CE <100ft

Rates From $95,000 plus CE >100ft

Island Hoppers

The Island Hopper collection is a curated collection from our partners at Endless Blue. This beautiful collection of small motor yachts are the entry point in the motor yacht series. They come in all different sizes and price points, as well as, different stateroom configurations.

Rates From $35,000 plus CE <65ft

Rates From $45,000 plus CE >65ft

Gone with the Wind

The Gone with the Wind collection is a collection of mid-size catamarans that are perfect for families and couples as they tend to come in 4 double cabin configurations. All are moderately priced and offer a wide range of amenities. Catamarans offer smooth sailing, exceptional fuel efficiency and interior cabin comfort.

Rates From $25,000 plus CE <60ft

Rates From $35,000 plus CE >60ft

The More the Merrier!

In The More the Merrier Collection you will find motor sailors. A traditional Pirates of the Caribbean hull design perfect for large groups and big families. They offer exceptional amenities, cabin comfort, moderate pricing for groups of this size and best of all they offer moderate fuel consumptions.

Rates From $45,000 plus CE <100ft

Rates From $65,000 plus CE >100ft

Rates are NOT inclusive of Charter Extras (CE); APA (35% of charter value), VAT (13-22% of charter value varies according to country regulations), Re-positioning (if applicable), entry visas or customs clearance (if applicable), fuel costs for selected itinerary, crew gratuity and other costs associated with the charter. The rates listed are subject to change without prior notice. All rates are for a 7 day charter.

Sample Itinerary

Just a taste Amalfi Coast & Capri

The beauty and tranquility of the Amalfi coast stems from a combination of old world charm and Italy's appreciation for preserving style, natural beauty and stunning architechture.

Day 1 - Naples to Ischia. Begin your yacht charter in Naples. The birthplace of pizza offers incredible views of Mount Vesuvius in its background. Palaces and architectural sites are everywhere you turn, and there will be time to visit the National Archaeological Museum—among the best in all of Europe.

Day 2 - Ischia to Capri. Spend the morning at Ischia—the largest island in the Gulf of Naples— with a number of natural, thermal springs where you can have a spa-style treatment. End the day in Capri,a gem of a place with trendy boutiques, gourmet restaurants, and raging nightlife.

Day 3 - Capri to Positano. Swim or dive this morning in the world-famous Blue Grotto before cruising to Positano, once a charming fishing village that is now filled with cafés, shops, and restaurants.

Day 4 - Positano to Amalfi. The historic sites in Amalfi seem never ending, including churches, fountains, piazzas, the main cathedral, and a number of museums.The place is absolutely dripping in history.

Day 5 - Amalfi to Sorrento. Step off your charter yacht and into a maze of stone alleyways and stairways that are as beautiful as they are endless. Bring your camera for spectacular views of the harbor and beaches below.

Day 6 - Sorrento to Pompeii. The historic city of Pompeii sits at the foot of Mount Vesuvius and was famously buried in lava and ash during a volcanic explosion in 79 A.D. The site, now excavated, is among the world’s most treasured and perhaps most famous archaeological locations.

Day 7 - Pompeii to Naples. Return to Naples with time to explore more of the city before heading to the airport for your return flight home.

Itineraries are adjusted to duration of charter and are designed with the Captain upon selection of a Yacht and embarkation point. All itineraries are subject to weather and sea conditions as well as, port authorities at time of charter and no port is guaranteed. Private yacht charters do not follow a cruise ship itinerary. All itineraries are custom designed in collaboration with the Captain of the selected yacht. Above itinerary is suggested only. Captain may suggest alternate itinerary and embarkation/disembarkationfor reduced fuel consumptions, Value added tax (vat) requirements or other factors that effect the overall financials of the yacht charter. All references to Nautical Miles, duration and fuel consumption are estimates only and are provided for planning purposes only. Fuel consumption costs are determined by type of vessel, distance, speed and consumption of engines calculated by price of fuel at time of charter.


Themed Charters & Programs

All our themed charters are designed by an Endless Blue program specialist and are pre-packaged for your ease and convenience. Each one of our programs has a yacht or hotel component. Ask us about any of our Themed Programs.

Blue Life Corporate Events

Cultivate team spirit, mind management for greater focus while integrating a healthy mind-body connection. Sailing develops the skill sets necessary to create the competitive edge while unifying team members to work as one. Programs based in the Coastal US, Caribbean and Mediterranean throughout the year.

Sun, Sea & Salt

A 7 day Journey of discovery to understand the mind-body, food-mood connection. Learn the secrets of the Mediterranean cuisine right from your on board Chef. Meet with islanders to discover their secrets to longevity. Understand the correlation between what you eat and your happiness. Programs based in the Mediterranean April - October.

Let's Celebrate

What better way to experience that big milestone birthday or event. Maybe its a wonderful multi-generational family event where 3 or more generations have come together for the first time to celebrate family! Our Let's Celebrate are a series of programs starting from the couple up to boat loads of family members - all custom designed with a personal theme and let's not forget the T-shirts! Programs based in the Caribbean and Mediterranean throughout the year.

Miami for the Day

What better way to experience Miami than from the water. A great day break before your Caribbean flight or even just a quick get away from the cold. Our Miami Day charters have all the bells and whistles of our week charters all wrapped up in a day. Experience the stunning skyline, islands, fun in the sun sea toys and exceptional dining. Programs based in Miami, Florida November - June.

Relaxation with Purpose

In our Reconnect, Rebalance & Renew we are redefining the R & R Classic. We all know we need to exercise more, eat better and spend more time reflecting and less doing to restore the mind to its full capacity but how many of us actually understand how to apply it to our daily lives and make it become a way of life vs a style of life. Situated in beautiful Naples, Florida - rated one of the top cities in the US for healthy living! Programs offered November - June.