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Commission Display on My Bookings


  • February 12, 2019
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  • Web Release

Commission Display on My Bookings

Today's release includes a variety of usability enhancements along with some template changes on the website

Commission Display

Travel Advisors can now see their commission for each booking at a glance on the My Bookings page. Commission amount displays for Pending Options, Invoiced Bookings and Traveled Bookings.

Website Footer for 2020

The website footer has been updated for 2020 with changes that include compliance with EG's latest Privacy statement, newly formatted Company pages, and the removal of the "Find an Agent" button.

Private Label Footer

We've added the option of Physical Address to the Private Label footer. This field is not required, but it is available for Travel Advisors choosing to display an office address. This feature is particularly useful for IC's who run their businesses outside of their Host Agencies address. The font and TA photo have also been adjusted in the Private Label footer.