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Lefkara Laces | Before Memory Fades

Watch on YouTube Lefkara lace is the most characteristic type of the world-famous Cypriot laces. This documentary reviews its long history and offers testimonies of lace makers and lace-merchants living in Lefkara. Runtime: 10 min.

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Wines of Cyprus: Nectar of the Gods

Cyprus is reinventing itself as a premium wine producer, with millennia of winemaking history behind it to pave the way. And the "wine of kings," the...

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The 10 Best Traditional Foods In Cyprus

As the mesmerizing Mediterranean island of Cyprus is found at the crossroads of Europe, Africa and Asia, its food has evolved steadily to cater for t...

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Searching for Cyprus

Two halves of a divided island have more in common than you might think. By Darren Loucaides.

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I say Halloumi, You say Hellim: Cyprus, Also Divided over Cheese

The Cyprus conflict explained through its main exporting product, cheese: halloumi for the Greeks, hellim for the Turkish Cypriots. Be sure to turn on closed captioning for English language translation. Runtime: 4 min.