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Contemporary Oahu
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<p><img src="http://dev.classicvacations.com/sites/default/files/gallery/00699_Waikiki_Day.jpg?1353454423" alt="Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) Joe Solem" title="Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) Joe Solem"></p> <p>The island of Oahu is Hawaii’s third largest island, but home to the majority of Hawaii’s diverse population. Approximately 75% of Hawaii’s population resides on Oahu. Oahu is a contemporary fusion between east and west cultures, modern luxuries and native traditions, bustling metropolis and historic landmarks, and of course plenty of natural tropical beauty. <p> <p>Countless movies and TV shows have been filmed in Oahu due to its picturesque beauty and easy access from Hollywood. It has been the set for Jurassic Park, 50 First Dates, Blue Crush, Pirates of the Caribbean, the hit TV series Lost, and is the current setting for the new Hawaii Five-O. After filming, many stars still call the island home and you never know when you might run into an A-list celebrity at one of Oahu’s famed restaurants or 5-star hotels. <p> <p>Gourmands are sure to delight in Oahu’s vibrant culinary scene. Oahu offers tasty culinary tours and classes, farmers markets featuring locally grown produce, the only fish auction between Tokyo and Maine, 5-star and chef-owned restaurants, and traditional luau’s and spam inspired delicacies. Oahu's innovative farm to table cuisine is one of the island's greatest attractions. Roy Yamaguchi, Alan Wong and George Mavrothalassitis are just a few of the state's most recognized chefs who call Oahu home. These three chefs, along with their equally esteemed counterparts, helped to develop Hawaii Regional Cuisine to showcase Hawaii's produce, fish and local products. The relationships between the farmers and the chefs have given Oahu a reputation of being a premier culinary destination. After enjoying sumptuous island treats, party-goers can head for Waikiki and Honolulu where dazzling night clubs, friendly pubs, posh bars, and a variety of music and entertainment abound along the glittering shoreline. Oahu’s nightlife scene can best be described as a non-stop mix of high-energy entertainment and parties... all under one twinkling night sky. <p> <p>Fashion and glamour seekers will marvel at downtown Honolulu, Hawaii’s state capital, with its sparkling backdrop of skyscrapers and world-class shopping. Fashionistas can find everything, from one of America’s largest open-air malls with posh high-end retailers to charming boutiques and local specialty stores and plenty of tacky tchotchkes to take home as fun souvenirs. <p> <p>There is always something to do on the island of Oahu, from experiencing some of the world’s best beaches, shopping, dining or entertainment; Oahu is a non-stop urban oasis of contemporary fun. <p> <p align="right"><a href="http://dev.classicvacations.com/destinations/hawaii/oahu">Learn More About Oahu</a></p>
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Contemporary Oahu