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Saint Barthelemy
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<p><img src=""></p> <p>The island of St. Barths is located in the French West Indies in the Caribbean. Known for its high-end designers, beaches and fantastic gourmet dining, St. Barths is the place to be. The island is full of history and culture relating to the French, Swedish and British occupations, yet still has a contemporary approach to cuisine, nightlife and design. St. Barths caters to a high-standard of luxury and entertainment and is the favorite destination of the rich and the famous. Home to elite boutique hotels, luxurious private villas and extravagant yachts, this island offers nothing but the best. </p> <p>St. Barths capital and largest city is Gustavia, which is located in a “U” shaped cove facing the harbor to the west. This city features architecture that has been built and rebuilt based on the island’s history with occupation and natural disaster. Visitors will find every type of building, from colonial bell towers to modern boutique store fronts. Gustavia also has world-class duty-free shopping, offering prestigious labels, haute couture and the latest trendy collections from young designers. </p> <p>This island has its peak of tourism at New Years Eve, when parties are non-stop and the glamorous come out to play. But New Years isn’t the only time the island is a happening place. Visitors will find the sky erupting with celebration for both public and private events year round. St. Barths also hosts performing arts festivals that are unlike any in the world. Every year during January, visitors and residents alike are treated to more than a dozen nights of the finest live music and dance performances of a quality they might normally find in a place like Carnegie Hall in New York or Opera Garnier in Paris. </p> <p>St. Barths is the perfect, unique combination of relaxation, luxury, culture and dazzling style that makes for a vacation experience like none other. </p> <p align="right"><a href="">Learn More About St. Barthelemy</a></p>
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Contemporary St. Barths