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<p><img src=""></p> <p>Situated on Lake Ontario, Toronto is the capital of Ontario and is Canada’s largest city, with a population of 5.74 million people, and is the cultural, entertainment and financial capital of Canada. Known for its fashion-forward thinking, top-notch design, and multicultural expression, Toronto is an edgy city with a style of its own. Toronto has redefined itself as a sophisticated and cosmopolitan city that offers extravagant dining and diverse experiences among its multiple trendy districts. Not only does this city lay claim to innovative and high-profile architecture, but it is also experiencing a boom in residential and hotel development, making this the contemporary city to visit for luxury travel seekers.</p> <p>The city of Toronto is a true center for the arts. Here, travelers might notice the creativity of design with buildings such as the suspended black and white domino elevated by brightly colored struts that is known as the Will Alsop’s Sharp Center for Design located at Ontario College of Art & Design. Those wishing to experience art first-hand can visit Daniel Libeskind’s new addition to the Royal Ontario Museum, which is the perfect combination of beautiful steel, glass and hard angles that contrast, yet complement the exquisite museum building. There is also the Art Gallery of Ontario, which houses first class contemporary and classic artwork. Those looking for an art-filled vacation can spend time in Queen West, the city’s thriving art and design district. </p> <p>When not perusing the city for expressions of art, visitors can find their way to the Distillery District. This fun, happening place is home to shops, restaurants, and arts organizations located on the 14 acre grounds of an old whiskey distillery. Or, for a more multicultural experience, visitors can explore either of the two Chinatowns, Little Italy, or any other ethnic outpost that Toronto is known for. In any of Toronto’s variety of districts, one can find a plethora of restaurants that emphasize seasonal organic ingredients, stores featuring the latest international and local designers, music that fits all tastes, and nightlife or lounge scene to die for.</p> <p>Although Toronto emanates a chic and international vibe, it is not too far away from the natural splendor that Canada prides itself for. Just north of downtown, one can reconnect themselves to their natural surroundings in the Canadian Wilderness. Or, visit the famous Niagra Falls, a less than two hour drive from the heart of the city. Whether it’s to attend Toronto’s celebrated Film Festival in September, indulge in every type of cuisine, or be soaked in culture and artwork, people who visit Toronto leave with memories they will cherish and a new love for this ever evolving city.</p> <p align="right"><a href="">Learn More About Toronto, Ontario</a></p>
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