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<p><font size="4" face="arial">The Cyclades : Greek Isles</font></p> <p>The Cyclades are the most popular yacht destination for good reason — an abundance of beautiful sandy and pebble beaches combined with great archaeological sites; typical white sun-bleached houses with blue trim face stunning views and sunsets; local artisans make memorable souvenir gifts. </p> <p><font size="3" color="#cc6600"><b>Call your Travel Agent or Classic Vacations today! 1.800.221.3949 ext. 2431</b></font></p> <ul> <li><b>Day 1:</b> Athens to Kythnos, with its beautiful anchorages and ports. </li> <li><b>Day 2:</b> Serifos, known for its food and relaxed atmosphere. </li> <li><b>Day 3:</b> Milos, the island of blue waters and underwater caves. </li> <li><b>Day 4:</b> Folegandros, with its rugged northern shore. </li> <li><b>Day 5:</b> Santorini, the most famous Greek island with unmatched vistas and sunsets. </li> <li><b>Day 6:</b> Ios, a picturesque island with a multitude of cafes and restaurants. </li> <li><b>Day 7:</b> Paros, great for windsurfing. </li> <li><b>Day 8:</b> Delos, the “brightest” island. </li> <li><b>Day 9:</b> Mykonos, the island of contrasts. </li> <li><b>Day 10: </b>Tinos, known for its religious pilgrimages. </li> <li><b>Day 11:</b> Kea, once a pirate stronghold. </li> <li><b>Day 12:</b> Kea to Athens. </li> </ul> <fieldset>Chartered yachts featured are licensed and meet strict safety regulations set by local and national authorities. Charters are for a minimum of three days in low season, seven days in high season. Most prices do not include VAT (value-added tax) of 4.5 percent or fuel. Most yachts include snorkel gear, fishing equipment, and water skis. Where fuel and meals are not included, an additional advance provisioning allowance (APA) is required to cover expenses. <br>* Available for charter: April to October<br> * Some yachts have WaveRunner or Jet Ski watercraft (requires a small-craft license to operate)<br> * Shore excursions extra<br> * All itineraries are suggested only and subject to sea and weather conditions<br> * Relocation fees may apply to move a yacht from its home port to the embarkation point<br> * A refundable security deposit may be required on some yachts<br> * A contract processing and management fee applies<br> </fieldset>
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