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I believe Hawaii is the most precious jewel in the world.

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Hawaii Entry Requirements

Health & Safety

1Book travel as you typically would, either to Hawaii or to a Neighbor Island.

2Take a COVID‐19 test from one of the state's trusted testing partners within 72 hours of departure. Travelers must have a NEGATIVE test result from a trusted testing partner before departure for Hawaii.

3Register with the state's Safe Travels program.

4Use the Safe Travels app to log the details of your clients upcoming trip.

  • Once you've registered and gotten signed in, click on the ‘Trips’ section of the Safe Travels homepage. There, you can add an upcoming trip to the Department of Transportation's database by disclosing your arrival date, destination airport and flight information, as well as your preferred form of ID.

5Upload proof of your negative COVID‐19 test to the Safe Travels websites.

  • A. Once the results of your coronavirus test have been sent to you, you'll need to upload them to the Safe Travels website. Head back to the homepage, then click on the button that says ‘Documents.’
  • B. There, you'll need to select one of the trips you have already logged into the Safe Travels system and then upload a PDF copy of your negative test to the website for review.

6Finish an online health questionnaire within 24 hours of your flight.

  • The final part of the process requires another step on the state's Safe Travels website. This time click on the button that says, ‘Health Questionnaire’ and answer the questions listed.

7Head to the airport and enjoy your flight!

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Hawaii is not a state of mind, but a state of grace.

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Inter‐Island Travel Guide

Travel Updates


Visitors traveling to Kauai are subject to a 10-day quarantine, unless granted an exemption through the State of Hawaii Safe Travels program with an approved negative pre-travel test, or by participating in the Kauai Resort Bubble program.


All travelers arriving into Maui County must complete the State of Hawaii Safe Travels online application. All travelers must complete the application at least 24 hours prior to departure. Travelers must also download the AlohaSafe Alert App in addition to other requirements. Visit for details.

Island of Hawaii

Pre-test within 73 hours of arrival and bypass quarantine with a negative result. Full details can be found HERE

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Safe Travels Hawaii Program

  • Are adults and minors required to complete pre‐travel testing?
  • Adults and minors five years of age and older who successfully complete a negative pre‐travel test will not be subject to the state's 14‐day quarantine program.
  • If my flight is delayed, will it impact the validity of my test results?
  • No.
  • What should I expect to happen at the airport when I arrive in Hawaii?
  • You will be asked to complete a multilayered screening process that includes a post‐arrival temperature check, completion of the Mandatory State of Hawaii Travel and Health Form and, for those with COVID‐19 symptoms or temperatures of 100.4 degrees F or higher, a secondary screening. Please allow yourself extra time to go through post‐arrival screening at the airport.
  • Can accommodations and car rental companies require me to show proof of not being subject to quarantine before agreeing to rent to me?
  • Yes. Per the State of Hawaii's emergency proclamation, accommodations may require proof of a negative test result in order to determine the type of service provided. Additionally, car rental companies are only permitted to rent to persons not subject to quarantine.
  • Can I travel between the islands after I arrive in Hawaii?
  • Yes, but there may be quarantine requirements. A partial inter‐county travel quarantine currently remains in effect through November 30, 2020 and could be extended. The quarantine requirement applies to all persons traveling to and between the islands of Kauai, Maui, and the island of Hawaii. It also does not apply to trans‐Pacific travelers connecting through Daniel K. Inouye International Airport on Oahu.
  • When am I required to wear a mask while in Hawaii? Can I be asked to leave a business for not wearing a mask?
  • Face coverings must be worn in compliance with Gov. David Ige's Fifteenth Proclamation Related to the COVID‐19 Emergency. Face coverings are defined as "a tightly woven fabric (without holes, vents, or valves) that is secured to the head with either ties or straps, or simply wrapped and tied around the wearer's nose and mouth." Face shields (plexiglass/clear plastic shields, etc.) are not permitted as substitutes for face coverings unless an exception to the face covering requirement applies. The proclamation requires that businesses refuse admission or service to anyone who fails to wear a face covering, unless an exemption applies. Exemptions to this requirement are listed in the Fifteenth Proclamation.

Covid‐19 State of Hawaii Portal

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