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History of Rums in Antigua

Watch on YouTube A quick run-through the sugar-derived spirit's history on the island.

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Birds of the West Indies

on Amazon The undisputed leading field guide. By Herbert A Raffaele, James Wiley, Orlando H Garrido, Allan Keith and Janis I Raffaele; illustrated by...

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Caribbean: Art at the Crossroads of the World

on Amazon Produced in conjunction with NYC's el Museo del Barrio's exhibition, the illustrations and essays offer an authoritative examination of the...

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Caribbean Currents: Caribbean Music from Rumba to Reggae

on Amazon Covers the historical development and current forms of music throughout the islands. By Peter Manuel, Kenneth Biland Michael Largey.

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Rum Cocktails

An expert review of how to make 5 of the best rum-based cocktails: mojito, daiquiri, mai tai, el presidente and rum swizzle. Runtime: 8 min.

Get To Know Antigua, Caribbean

Destination Whatever: Touring the Cruise Industry of the Caribbean

on The impact of cruise tourism on the Caribbean. By Martin Delgado, Zuzanna Koltowska, FĂ©lix Madrazo & Sofia Saavedra...

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Expressive Colors

A marine fisheries biologist explains the range of colors exhibited by the brilliantly colored dolphinfish aka mahi-mahi and dorado. By Don Hammond.

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The subversive power of calypso music

Its bouncy beats and tuneful melodies often serve up serious, even subversive, messages. The music demands more careful listening. By Benjamin Ramm.

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