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A Market Tour of Athens

Watch on YouTube In this Culinary Institute of America video, follow Diane Kochilas as she visits the markets of Athens including an herb shop, a charcuterie and the Athens Central Market.


Classical Greece versus Ancient Rome

In this incredibly entertaining face off, two experts — Boris Johnson (!) and scholar Mary Beard — argue for each being the superior civilization....

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The Menu | Food Neighbourhoods: Athens, Exarchia

With a reputation as a stronghold for anarchists, students and intellectuals, the district of Exarchia in downtown Athens is going through the gradual...

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The Menu | Food Neighbourhoods: Athens, Petralona

Monocle explores the central but off the beaten track neighbourhood of Petralona, which is proving that the Greek capital’s culinary offerings reach...

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Restoration works on the Parthenon

A detailed review of the work done to restore the Parthenon's west facade. Runtime: 15 min.

Get To Know Athens (Piraeus)

Sacred Olives: Athena’s Tree on the Acropolis

Atop the Acropolis of Athens stands an olive tree that is a symbol of hundreds of years of dedication and reverence. By Laura Aitken-Burt.

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The Parthenon | Architects Ictinus and Callicrates

A good summary of the quintessential structure’s pioneering design features. By Luke Fiederer.

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Greek Vase Painting

This catalog from the Metropolitan Museum provides a detailed history of vase painting in ancient Greece and sheds light on its invaluable contributi...

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Athens’ favourite neighbourhoods

Do you want to visit the heart of Athens but steer clear of the tourist traps? In this Monocle video, visit homes in Petralona, Koukaki and Filopappou to discover the best areas of the capital according to Athenians themselves.