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Abalone (Sea Snails)

Watch on YouTube In the Baja California region of Mexico, abalones aka sea snails are one of the many delicacies the ocean provides. Zagat explores the culinary coast in the town of Ejido Eréndira with chef Benito Molina of Manzanilla. Runtime: 8 min.

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The Gulf of California: A Physical, Geological & Biological Study

on A good condensed report of all key aspect that contribute to making Mexico's Gulf of California (aka Sea of Cortez) a natural wonder. ...

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The Essential Mexico Taco Map

The taco universe in Mexico is infinite. A quick tour of standouts by region: Jalisco (birria), Hidalgo (barbacoa), Estado de México (chorizo verde)...

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Through a Turnstile and Into Tacos and Tortas

Tijuana, steps away from San Diego, is full of flavor: birria tacos, Caesar’s famous salads and creative Baja cuisine. By Sarah Khan.

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Gulf of California Tectonic Setting — Earthquakes & the Spreading Ridge

An excellent visualization of the complex, ever-active geological setting of the Gulf of California aka Sea of Cortez. Runtime: 3 min.

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Wines of Baja Mexico: A qualitative study examining viticulture, enology, and marketing practices

Based on 10 in-depth interviews with winery owners and winemakers in the Valle de Guadalupe of the Baja peninsula, where the majority of Mexican wine...

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The great, weird, largely unsuccessful Baja road trip

A 1,000-mile drive, from Tijuana in the north, where thousands of immigrants breathe in the second-hand smoke of the American Dream as it burns to as...

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This Baja Oyster Expert is Revolutionizing Oyster Farming

Meet Vicente Guerrero Herrera, who is reinventing the oyster at his farm in Baja’s southern Ensenada. By Memo Bautista; translated by Julie Schwiet...

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