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Barcelona Timelapse

Watch on Vimeo Spectacular timelapse shots give a glimpse into the city's highlights, including many of Gaudí's magical, whimsical structures. Runtime: 2 min.


The Sounds of Catalunya

A collection of Catalan-language tracks. The perfect mood-setting soundtrack.

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The Menu | Food Neighbourhoods: Barcelona, Raval

In this Monocle podcast, chef Alfredo Marcus and Monocle’s Kati Krause head to the Raval area, which has transformed from a red-light district into ...

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Raimon: Catalonian Protest Songs

The Catalan folksinger addressed the pervasive violence and fear that bolstered General Francisco Franco’s power and influence. This collection, fro...

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Behold the Human Towers of Catalonia

In Tarragona, Spain, thousands of people gather to witness one of humanity's strangest and most spectacular contests: building the human towers of Catalonia. Adorned in colorful costume, hundreds of “castellers,” or tower builders, form elaborate human structures that soar into the sky. Containing up to 10 tiers and rising nearly 50 feet high, sometimes, the towers do fall. This Great Big Story video takes us for a visit.

Get To Know Barcelona, Spain

23 things to know before you go to Barcelona

Not your typical list. By Matt Goulding.

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What Hemingway learned from Joan Miró

Hemingway’s acquisition of Joan Miró’s greatest painting — The Farm, depicting a farmhouse in the artist's hometown of Montroig, near Tarragon...

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Patterns of Barcelona: photographer captures symmetry of city facades

Barcelona is known for its iconic landmarks, but Roc Isern turns his camera to buildings others may tend to look past. Isern is a technical architect...

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