Flam: The most beautiful train journey in the world?

Watch on YouTube The 20km train ride from Flam — at the end of the UNESCO-protected Aurlandsfjord — through precipices and past huge waterfalls to a height of 866m at Myrdal, in Western Norway, is regarded as an engineering marvel because of the steep gradient. This short BBC documentary explores. Runtime: 2 min.


Digital Pan Flutes And Marvin Gaye: The Blissed-Out Rise Of Kygo

Kygo is a 24-year old music producer from Norway. His debut album isn't even out yet, but his singles, like "Firestone," have made him a phenomenon in...

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Northern Lights: True Norse

In this BBC Documentary podcast, Eleanor Rosamund Barraclough asks if there is a shared culture in the north of Europe, focusing her initial gaze on t...

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Classic Grieg

The music of Bergen-resident Edvard Grieg (1843-1907), one of the leading Romantic era composers. Inspired Norwegian folk music, his compositions help...

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How do glaciers shape the landscape?

This Oxford University Press animation explains the process. Runtime: 3 min.

Get To Know Bergen, Norway

Top 5 Untranslatable Norwegian Terms

on Every country has expressions that evade translation, yet very often express an essential part of its culture. A native shares...

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Inventory of Norwegian Glaciers

on This invaluable report provides an extensive background on Norway’s glaciers — profiling 2534 glaciers, representing 0.7% of ...

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A Norwegian master of the short story

One of Norway's most celebrated writers, Gunnhild Øyehaug — whose work is playful, often surreal, intellectually rigorous and brief — dramatizes...

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