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Bermuda Deep Reefs

Watch on Vimeo A look at some of the fish endemic to the country's deep reefs. Runtime: 3 min.

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A Tale of Two Colonies: What Really Happened in Virginia and Bermuda?

on Amazon The incredible story of England’s first two New World colonies, Jamestown (1609) and Bermuda (1612), showing their interconnected histori...

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Bermuda Forts 1612-1957

on Amazon Bermuda is home to an amazing collection of 17th-20th century fortifications, unique surviving examples of the first defensive works built ...

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Mark Twain in Paradise: His Voyages to Bermuda

on Amazon Drawing on myriad sources, the author reveals Twain's close connection to Bermuda — a frequent visitor and, for the last three years of h...

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Bermuda | wildlife and heritage

In this short film, host Stewart McPherson explores Bermuda, home to the oldest continually inhabited English settlement in the New World. Although the main island is highly urbanized, offshore islands are a haven for many unique plants and animals, most notably the petrel, a conservation success story. Runtime: 9 min.


An excellent resource for detailed on-the-water conditions, including wind speed, wind direction, wave height, cloud cover. Great for sailors, surfers, fishermen and scuba divers.

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