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Watch on Vimeo Striking shots from throughout the country. Runtime: 5 min.


The Sounds of Cambodia

A hand-picked collection of quintessential Cambodian tracks. The perfect mood-setting soundtrack.

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Joseph Campbell on AUM

Watch on YouTube The great mythologist explains the deep symbolism of AUM (Om), a fundamental mantra in the Hindu, Buddhist and Jain ...

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Cambodia: Traditional Music

Recorded in 1979 and compiled for Smithsonian Folkways by revered composer Chinary Ung, this collection captures both the songs themselves and the ins...

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Cambodian-American Heritage Dancers with Chum Ngek Ensemble

In this program at the Library of Congress, get a narrated introduction to classical Khmer dance and music from the Cambodian court repertoire. Runtime: 75 min.

Get To Know Cambodia

Guide to the Temples of Angkor

on Amazon With insightful profiles for 23 of Angkor's top temples and nearly 200 high-resolution images, this is the definitive travel guide to Angko...

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The River's Tale: A Year on the Mekong

on Amazon The Mekong flows for three thousand miles, snaking its way through Southeast Asia from the Tibetan plateau to the delta in south Vietnam. D...

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Lands of Charm and Cruelty: Travels in Southeast Asia

on Amazon The author profiles five Southeast Asian neighboring countries, revealing their underlying contradictions: Burma (Myanmar), Singapore, Laos...

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